Thursday, 22 October 2009


Music is a way of expressing yourself. They have participated in some charity work in thier spare time, and enjjoy lving their life they take eveyday as it comes and they live everyday as if it is their last.Thy raise money for certain charaties that hav sentimental value to hem, they like to neertain people and they dont expect anything out of it just to see the enjoyment on peoples faces.

Background Of Music!

The Band originated From Plymouth, The three boys and one girl all went to school with eachother and became really good frineds within their school years, their love for music was what really brought them together. they began to play in small pubs and clubs and had small gigs just around their local area, but nothing major has occured from it and they had no success. but then they got recogbnised by an independant label, and our now begginning to record their first single and are officially working on their future success in the music industry. They also got a good internet following by putting thier music onto social networking site 'Myspace'where their fanbase increased and have a lot more viewers who are interested in their music.

Creation Of Music Act!!

We have created a group not a solo as we thought it would be more interesting to use a band and there would be a larger variety of shots that we could use and a wider selection of locations so that when it came to editing there would be a lot more involvement within the music video. We came up with the name F.U.D.G.E for our band. this name has a very direct meaning as it represents the bands grades in which they got for their A level results. We used the typical stereotype that all people from Plymouth Are Stupid, and so it was a perfect idea to use this as an actual fact to create the bands name.It also gave us the idea that the band got together due to thinking that they are not able to do anything else, as they just cannot be successful within anything else other than music so another idea is that our band got together due to making a life within music and to be recognised because of their musical talent.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Independant Record Label

Matchbox Recordings LTD is a music promotion and digital media production company offering a wide range of artist, band and record label services. The company also incorporates a record label, distribution wing and online new music Internet Radio station.

Matchbox Recordings was established in 1997 with the launch of the succesful "Streamline" live music events at venues like The Camden Underworld, Monarch, Red Eye and Bull and Gate.

With over 12 years experience in the music promotion industry, Matchbox Recordings is a long established organisation, offering music promotion, CD pressing, Radio / Press plugging, Mobile phone content including realtone and digital chart single setup, music videos, TV advertising and new music compilations.

The organisation offers comprehensive music promotion, distribution and marketing services to corporate clients, Independent artists and record labels, which are designed to assist in the release, distribution and marketing of new music worldwide.

With top class facilities, the business also has trained worldwide staff allowing clients to achieve the best results and products to promote their productions, projects and releases.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Case Study: Music Director

Anton Corbijn was born on the 20th may 1955, he is from the netherlands but is widely known and acknowledged in the music industry mainly for being the creative director of the visual output of prominent bands like Depeche Mode and U2. He started his career off as a music photgrapher when he saw a dutch muscian playing in a cafe he took many photos of the muscian and issues resulting his love life, because of the photos that Corbijn took the muscian becam widely kown and also so did he.
Corbijn moved into the music directing buisness by accident, when he was given a proposition to direct a video.The very strange version of Headhunter becam a milestone in his career.

Palm pictures in 2005 released a dvd collection of Corbijn's work as part of the Director's label series. On 17 May 2007, Corbijn's first feature film Control about the life of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis premiered to rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival.

Anton Corbijn directed the song one for u2. There were 3 videos made for the song which adds to the discussions. One of them suggests that "One" is about a gay son confessing to his father that he is HIV-positive—largely assumed because of the content of director Anton Corbijn's video, in which the band dressed in drag and Bono sings the song to his own father. It is filmed in Berlin and has footage of the band driving in Trabant cars. Also, a large amount of sales from the single went to AIDS charities.

Viva La Vida. The official music video for "Viva la Vida" was directed by Hype Williams and premiered at Coldplay's official website on 1 August 2008.[52] The video depicts the band performing against a blurry, warped version of Eugene Delacroix's painting "La Liberté guidant le peuple." The video ends with every band member crumbling to rose petals that fly into the air. Since its release, this video "Viva La Vida" has become one of the most viewed music videos on YouTube, with over 50,000,000 views worldwide.

A second, alternate video was shot in The Hague, the Netherlands, directed by Anton Corbijn and released alongside the first.[53] This second version is a tribute to Corbijn's video for Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" and portrays Chris Martin as the king from whose perspective the song is sung. During the video, he carries Eugene Delacroix's painting "La Liberté guidant le peuple.". At the end, he hangs the picture up in a white stall on top of a hill. As he sings the last chorus, his band mates surface heading his way, tying in loose ends from the "Violet Hill" video.


My Project at the moment is to create a music video, creating an artist with our own individual characters within the video. our music video will be completely original, forming from our own ideas of how we want it to be presented with our own ideas of location, costumes, and also the song. it will take a lot of thinking and organising to get it right and make it as professional as possible. We have to think of many different aspects that have to be involved in a music video, so looking t other videos for references will be a good start.