Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Case Study: Star Image: Tracing Star Image Through Music Video

I Have analysed Kings Of Leon through the time period of when they first became the Kigs Of Leon in 1999. Th group started of as an american rock band which formed in Nashville, Tennessee the group consists of brothers and also a cousin, this group is a family pu together anddoing the things that they love all together. the group started out by using an upbeat blend of southern rock and garage rock, but their changing image has now upscaled to a variety of genres appealing to many viewers, and also appaling to the taste of many.

in the earl ears 1999-2002 the group travelled around southern united states with their father who was a preacher and their mother who taught them when they was not in school creating a very close family type image, When the boys' father resigned from the church and divorced his wife in 1997, the boys relocated to Nashville and embraced the rock music and lifestyle they had previously been denied.their they met their songwriter Angelo Petraglia, who introduced them to he inflences of people such as the rolling stones,six mnhs later they joined rca records who advised them to add some more members to ther group so they did not originally start out as a group, the two younger brothers then joined which then formed the name of the kings of leon after their father and grandfather who were both named leon.

This is clearly their beggining star image where they all have the same look which any people had at the time in the music industry their image has grown rapidly with their new videos of use somebody and sex is on fire they look more like an independant band now who have accomplished this themselves with the gratitude of their father.
afer recording through most of 208 th group had a breakthrough they released their fourth studion albumn which hit number 1 in the uk album charts also in America in reached number 5 on the billboard charts this albumn @only by the night' was named albumn of the year for 2008. "Sex on Fire" was the first single released for download in the UK on 8 September. The song became their most successful ever as it peaked at number one in the UK and in Ireland. It was also their first song to chart number one on the Billboard Hot Modern Rock chart.

Their image changed rapidly as they semed more of a confident and they didnt even have to change their as it became part of heir successful look, they looked gret and their music was brilliant, all thi success had definately paid of their music was getting beter and they seemed more of a connected group it was all going great for them.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

this video that i have posted i really like beause i think it communicates with the audience, by using everyday situations which could relate to viewers watching it, causin a sense of relation as in living the sam life hat others live, i think it is a really good technique to use, such as the beginning shots like getting out of bed and starting a new day and going to ork all relating tomany viewers. i also think this video is effective as many of the shots in this video are of the artist alone which i think creates a sense of independance that many things can be achieved independantly. and that you can make it happen.

Research into Music Videos!

A Music Video i Think completes the songs whole meaning and also improves the quality of the song it gives more of a sense of being involved and can attach itself to a viewer more clearly by also adding emotion and picture to the song. A Music Video Consists of many different effects and continues the sense of a story hidden behind the words it is a great addition to the music industry as it raises more awarness to the artist, great videos means more viewers resulting in more fans.