Thursday, 10 December 2009

Action Plan!

i think the best way to make sure that we stay on task is to stick with an action plan and make sure that all areas get covered whilst preparing and finalizing the music video.

Week 1
- make sure all footage is filmed and uploaded
- begin to add all shots together to create final cut
- upload all progress onto blog
- make sure preperations for final cut is ready 

Week 2
- finish rough draft hand in upload and wait for feedback
- make sure organization for any reshooting is made and is kept on track
- take advice into our heads and work together to start putting together our final video
-upload all progress on blog
- start using different effects to finalize music video

Week 3

- make sure video is final everybody is happy and that there are no further improvements to be made
- upload progress onto blog explaining ups and downs how we feel on the progress what could of been done to improve further
- comment on others thoughts of our video and their advice
- present to teacher upload on blogs and evaluate
- Make sure that there is nothing which has been forgotten or missed out and that everything is updated. 

The effect of our shots!

We have each had varied ideas of how we want our shots to look we all thought about the idea of having them as a pub look with the orange effect, as it would look individual and different and also quite unprofessionally filmed, as that is the idea in what we wish to connect to the public, as they are a new group and we want to push that feeling through using our music video. we also came up with the idea of using a grainy effect which we all liked as it also looks quite ammature and a few of our shots have come out like it already and we really like it, it presents the idea of a new band through the shot types, being quite dim, and filmed in a way that it looks quite dim, we like this effect as it looks as if another member of the band have filmed it like they are practice shots, or someone has just found their tape and have presented it to the world. We are really pleased with this effect and we think that we are going to carry on with it but we are not sure what we are going to do with the narrative shots yet, wether to leave them also in the grainy effect or maybe bring in the pub look we are going to experiment widely within our rough cut but also in our own time to see how each effect work and if they work well together or repel to each other all we can do is experiment and keep thinking of new ideas in which we can use within our video.

Rough Cut!

we have a due date for a rough cut top be in, so at the moment we are putting together all of our ideas and arranging them in a order of which we think will work best when it comes to creating our final music video. our rough draft gives us ideas of how our final product will look, and also gives us a chance to make any changes to shots in which we want to use, any areas in which we think will need reshooting and also any additional extras such as props or additional lighting. So far our rough cut is going well and we are pleased with it we just need to feel the gaps to get an estimated final draft. The rough cut will inspire us to make our video more professional as the rough cut is just a guidline and is a way of helping us to do better, and we all think that our final product will be a lot better than the rough cut as there is going to be a lot more we can do to the final one as we will have a lot more ideas, from not just one of us but all of us, my group is working really well on the product so far, and we are each putting in extra time in which we can work on our video, there are many hours in which we have free, and are equally happy top make our music video fantastic.


So far we have edited a little bit of what we have done and so far have about a minute and a half, we haven't yet placed our narrative shots so there are a gaps in a few places but we wanted to get the studio shots out of the way first to no how to organize our narrative shots, and to figure out wether we needed anymore of any certain type of shot and we noticed that we did, we needed more close ups of the lead singer Harry and also the lead girl singer Gemma, so we made arrangments for these to be organized and done. The editing is going well at the moment we have a deadline soon so we are really getting stuck into it and keep coming up with new ideas in which we could of used but we don't want to change it to much otherwise the video will be all over the place and we will of wished we never changed anything, so at the moment we are sticking to what we have and are getting on with it, and are really enjoying it at the same time, there is still further editing to be done so there will be more updates of our progress.


We have begun to film so of our music video, the scenes where we are in the bedroom, acting like normal practice whilst shooting at the same time, at the moemnt it has been really succesfull we have got some good shots, that i think will work really well within our video it looks quite amature which is kind of the effect we wanted, a new band look in which people can relate to and seem them as being a new band. the bedroom shots have worked well each member of the band also has their own individual shots, their own solo piece so that each character will have separate parts in the music video so that the audience can get to no each character individually and become more involved with them. Filming is difficult especially due to weather conditions as, we want our outside shots to be light and quite sunny, and as it is the middle of december we haven't yet received one of those days. We are going to carry on filming and hopefully catch a sunny day. 


For our cast we needed 3 boys and one girl and this is now arranged, we have Gemma for the girl, Harry, Jack and one boy in which at the moment i do not no his name as Ruby organsied the cast as she knew of people who are in a band and each have their own instruments. our cast has come along nicely, they each play their own instryument and have found that if we use people that have previouse experience with instruments they will look more comfortable whn shooting with their instruments as they will be used to the feel of them and have the right movement whilst playing, which will be more succesfull as they wont look like they are pretending and just doing it for the camear it will be real and without fault.


For the studio based parts of our film we have chosen to use a bedroom, to give the idea of a new band, just living an everyday life, during band practice, which is mostly created whilst being in a bedroom we thought this would intercept well with our band, as we want to succesfully give the effect over that they are a new band, and are just creating their video from normal experience, no succesfull experience, we want it to be more unprofessional than professional, as we want the video to connect well with our band and create a sense of difference compared to other music videos.
Within our storyboards we have also used shots where both the girl and the boy are walking down a road, both singing about eachother, we have also used this to signify every day situations, and highlight how both one another are always on eachothers minds, no matter what situation they are currently in, the street resembles, everyday situations becuase its something that everybody has to do to get somewhere and we wanted to signify that even though there is something else for them to do they cant think of nothing else apart from the one person in which they love and cant not think of anyone else apart from them.
We have also thought about other locations such as, parts of the school in which we can use classrooms and stairs, to show a way in which both characters keep missing eachother and just cant seem to get close enough no matter how hard they try, this is going to be based on our narrative the real story for which we want to use, a story between a girl and a boy who are desperately in love but both think that the other does not feel the same so they keep on trying to get closer and closer to eachother, but never seem to achieve. our narrative and locations could always change so updates will keep appearing, to show further progress and the decisions in which we have made.

Further Progress!

We have now begun to shoot a bit of our music video, and are carefully trying to figure out the right locations and cast, To make further progress we need to carefully think about what ideas we are going to push through and how we are going to do this, The location is a very important factor and so is the cast, also the way in which we want to shoot, costumes and effects, decisions need to be made, and of that the right ones, as our band is new we need to create a music video that will appeal to many others so we need to think about careful consideration.

Magazine Adverts!

magazine adverts for new artist provide help in the marketing business, within every advert the goal is to maximise audience, and also profit, to create the right magazine advert you need to adress who you target audience will be, and for my group it will be mature teenagers to adults, so i would no who to address within my advert. also i would need to no what i would include within my advert and would need to think about this very carefully and not rush into it so that the wrong message is put across, i would display a hit song that i feel would appeal to my target audience and describe so interesting facts about the group to advertise them on a maximum level, to create as much interest as possible. i would also maybe advertise websites in which audiences could view to get more of an insight to the band, get to no them before they make any decisions of a purchase. a magazine advert would promote my advert widely as it would be national and be witnessed all over the country by many different viewers, which may start to appeal to even a different type of audience.

Albumn covers!

An albumn cover consists of many different things such as,
- Spine of the albumn
- Albumn title
- back cover (including songs)
- bar code
- Booklet
- Pictures of the artist/band
- information of the band/artist
- Information of songs

All these factors should be included within the albumn to help audiences to get to no the artists or the band, to help them to understand and create a relationship through their music, the more information that is included the more involved the audience will become with the music and with the artist or the band.
Spine labels display the products name. the barcode and the title. it becomes easier for someone to identify the cd in a crowded rack of cd's, without even having to pick the cd up first, when there is a cd with a top spine label, it gives it a 'major artist' feel to the product, which is always a good think for the record label and also the artist, as they become more recognisable.

An album title also quickly identifies the product, it seperates multiple albums from one artist if they have created more than one, which also makes it easier for someone to purchase this item even if it is not for them, as the album title will summarise what somebody is looking for, the album title is also quite a personal effect, it feels like a quote in which the artist has said as if they are trying to make a stament, explaining what their album is about and what point they are trying to put across.

The back cover of an album, shows a list of all the songs which are on that disc, it is a good way for people to identify what music they are spending there money on, and what the cd has in store for them and what it has to offer them, it is also a way of persuasion showing you all the songs which are included in the disc, highlighting all the other artists which are included helping you to decide wether this is the right albumn for you, also highlighting all the greatest hits. A back cover usually has a different picture of the artist helping you recognise song to face, maybe a sense of a little more inspiration and acknowledgedment of the music in which you are about to purchase.

The back of an albumn cover also has to include other aspects, such as the barcode, as it summarises the price of the albumn and what you have bought, and certain data of certain products, every item purchased has a barcode on it, it helps keep track of what is being sold and stops shoplifting, a barcode scans the price of the item, as not all albums are sold for the same price, in differnt stores the prices vary so it also helps keep track of what has been sold and the number of these items of which have been sold, helping to generate to the artist the number of albums in which the public have purchased.

Also a booklet is normally included, within an album, displaying information and pictures of and about the artist, it offers inside information about recording the songs, interviews maybe even a few personal details, to help you get to no and understand the artist in which you are buying music from.