Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Finally our music video and everything else is FINISHED!


In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our video didn't challenge any of the forms or conventions of an indie genre video, we had a basic storyline, the lyrics followed, with kept to the right amount of members, also we didn't try to hard to make everything fit in, the video was basic and carefully strung along, and carefully kept to the conventions of an indie music video. it presents youth and maturity, we wanted to present our story of how a group of friends have each embarked on a journey together.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

our media product is very powerful, the main highlight of the video is the storyline, it presents how it feels to be in love when your young, how a relationship can be, which i feel is very effective as it is different and inviting, and is carefully telling a story.our band members were very comfortable around each other, the hand held shots were fantastic they were very realistic, which made our video even more fantastic, it looked great when all the hand held shits were placed together and presented within our video. it made it much more interesting for the audience, bringing them into the story, like being part of it, actually being there.

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

after listening to the audience's feedback i realised a few things needed to be changed, it helped me realise that everything needed to be almost perfect to get good feedback, it also had to be original and different, showing a completely different outlook, the feedback also helped me learn that working as a team and hearing other peoples views really does help, it gives you a whole new range of ideas, and helps you to put different input into your video, exploring new techniques to get the best possible outcome.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages

We used final cut pro and i movie to put our movie together, each one offered different ways in which to make our video so we started our video in i movie and then began to try final cut pro but it didn't offer any thing that we wanted to use, so we all decided to stay with i movie, which worked really well, it made our movie look fantastic and had everything we needed, during the course of making our video, we used different techniques within i movie, we attempted to fiddle with the light, but nothing really needed to be changed, i movie helped us make our video simple and it let us create exactly what we wanted, we also referred to videos on YouTube to see how they looked compared to ours and it also gave us many new ideas, we searched the Internet for album covers all these types of technologies, helped us to create our final music video.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Research and Planning!

through out this project i have kept up to date with all the research and planning making sure that all my groups decisions and problems were updated on the blog so that i could refer back to them to see any further improvements that we could make, by keeping up with my research and planning i have been able to contribute more input to the video making it as successful as possible, all my group have done really good work on research and planning as we wanted our video to be great, we have looked at target audience how to promote our bands, looking at other videos to see what techniques we could use we have gone inside and out of every way we can to improve our video and make it the best we can , we want it to be successful and include everything it needs to achieve that, we all feel that our research and planning has been excellent and feel that there is not many things in which we could have missed. this was definitely one of our strongest points, in making our video professional.

what indie music involves!

Indie rock artists are known for having complete control of their music and careers, relying on tours word to word airplay and the Internet for promotion and letting people hear their music, indie is a specific genre of contemporary music, separating their music from the rest. more and more styles of music are beginning to fit in this genre making, the indie genre bigger than it ever has been. indie music is completely different from other genres such as hip hope and pop, they rely on their music and their audience, not their fan base or the music videos in which they produce, they are interested in their music , i believe that indie music is the most original and the most pure of all the genres, as artists who sing within this genre dont try to hard to be someone that their not and the believe in their music which they produce.

Our target Audience!

as our music video is of the indie genre, we wanted to address and audience that listens to that sort of music, we wanted to get everything right, so that it would all sync in perfectly and look professional, we looked into target audience to make sure, that our video would sort that genre of music, and to make sure that everything was correct. our target audience was of vital importance, because every band needs an audience, every band needs fan, without this it is merely impossible to make money, if no one listens to the music then how would anyone even know that the band exists, we wantyed to make sure that our band and its music was all in the right propotion all correct in every way so that it would fit in perfectly to the genre.
We didnt really have any problems with the sound within our video, there were a few bits were you could hear the background noise oiver the song, but we all easily solved that, the only problem that did occur, was that at the beginning of the song it was far to long for all our video to be able to be synchronised to it, so we had to cut a small amount of the beginning of the song off as it was just not working, it was not music though to be exact it was just a lot of silence that we did not need, during creating our music video we had a few problems here and there with moving clips to be able to get it synchronised not using to many of the same clips to make it seem boring, but all of these small problems were fixed.


unfortunately the photos that i took of our storyboard i cannot find, which is very unfortunate as i would of liked to of oput them on the blog, when we finished creating our first storyboard we realised that it wasn't really the idea that we were going for so we decided to change our idea completely at first we was going for the what if scenario, missing eachother in corridoors not quite catching up with eachother, but we all thought that was a bit to negative, so we decided to change the iudea to what young love is really all about, how love can feel aty a young age, and what is expected within that relationship, we all preferred the idea and all decided that it would be a great idea to work with, and our decisions paid off because it worked really well.

Thursday, 1 April 2010


i also used the same effect with the poster as i did with the cd cover, the same effect as standing out and seeming fun and exciting to the public, i didnt want to include that much on my poster as i just wanted to get straight to the point using the word 'unbelievable' letting the public know what they should be thinking and what they will start to think as soon as they listen to this band. my poster is bold but yet simple just clearly showing the audience all they need to know, 4 people in the band, unbelievable singers and people, and a bundle of fun, what else what they need to know.
this is my cd cover, created from the inspiration of blur, i used the brightest of colors not only to raise attention, but to also give the band some sort of significance, to show there young age, something to look fun and upbeat, something that would show an audience that this band is exciting for everyone, there not just the same as everyone else, they want to be different and alice to the public, visible for everyone to see and also noticeable, they want to stand outr from the crowd. i feel my cd cover really shows this effect as it is completely different and wild and definatewly stands out.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Our Final Thoughts.

When the final video is created, they are always many things in which you feel that you should of gone back and done before handing the video in, but there will always be others things in which you could do to change the video, but the best you can do is always the best you can do. We decided to add split screens to our video near enough at the last minute to overshadow each character so that they are responding off each other getting to know each side of the story, we all had many different ideas in which we could of included but it was too late by the time in which we thought of them. When the video was played back to us we was all very happy and pleased with our success but were disappointed not to be able to add our last few adjustments in, but it could not be helped. we were happy with what we had, as we tried the best we could and our video corresponds very well with our blog each change documented and talked about so that everything is updated and everyone is informed in what we have chosen to do and how we have chosen to do it, the changes in which we made have been explained so that it all makes sense and so that everything that happens within our video links well to our blogs.

Our Roles!

Chelsea, Ruby and I have each out equal effort into the music video, Chelsea played the huge part of actually acting out in the film, which she did fantastically, she made the storyline seem very realistic, and helped us out to a massive advantage, I played the role in directing the film, coming up with new ideas, helping out with the storyboard and locations to give tit the most professional effect possible, Ruby did the job of putting it all together to make sure that all our hard work was successful and paid off, Ruby did this very well, she put it together also really well, so that our video looked fantastic, we all tried our best to do the best possible job we could, Kemisha helped out in different parts of the editing offering a few new ideas and so on. Our roles were very important as all though we all had different jobs, we all had to work together to achieve the best possible outcome in which we could.


We recently just had a crit within one of our lessons, so that we could display our video to the rest of the class and hear the thoughts about the video and listen to their feedback. We got some good views back bout our video that it was original and seemed very organized, when we presented it to the rest of the class it wasn't quite finished we still had a few gaps that needed to be filled so we didn't really get the total feedback that we would of liked because it wasn't finished, we was really pleased with the feedback, as you always expect bad comments, but everyone seemed quite impressed which made my whole group feel a lot more poritive about our video.


Within this project i feel that all our skills have progressed we have each all learned new different things, especially how to work together listening to each others idea to create the best piece we can. our video has progressed dramatically, from looking back to how it first seemed when the footage was uploaded to the computer to how it looks now, we have each put equal effort into everything to try and help each other out so that everyone had a role in something, but sometimes someone may slack a bit and not take the same equal role in something which makes us sway behind. The video we all feel was successful, we were quite unfortunate to not be able to make our final adjustments. it has progressed in a great way, we are all Happy and are just making final preparations to make sure everything is ready to be completed.


At the moment we are beginning to put together our digipack, each creating our own one, so that we have our own choices in what is to be placed on our CD cover. we all have various different ideas and within the music video they have all been placed together, but now is our chance to use our own ideas to create something and to compare at the end of our task to see the ideas in which other people have and how they have created their CD covers magazine adverts and perhaps a myspace page if they have chosen to create one. it would be good to compare at the end of our task as this is the first time within our project which we have had to work by ourselves as during the filming and editing process we all had to work together, our decisions had to be synchronized so that everyone agreed on the choices in which we had made, so that everyone was happy, and no one's idea or preference was left unheard.

Change of Storyline!

Whilst Re shooting, we decided to change our storyline as to be something more positive, so that we are telling a story about the positive side of young love and what it has in store for people, we decided to shoot images of the couple enjoying themselves spending time together, sharing romantic moments and just enjoying the time in which they are spending together. i feel that our decision was successful as watching the film back i think made a great improvement to the first idea in which we was going to do, as it involved enlioghtment and optisim and a sense of hope towards young love.

The hand held camera shots i think were really succesful, as it was as if the two characters were documenting their own life, telling their own story of their time together and inviting the world into see how great a relationship really could be. there were shots when just one characters was being fil;med which was really succesful as we are seeing the characters through the other persons eyes seeing what they see and then were they are both shot together, theeir happiness is documented, which i think makes a much greater effect than our first story line, when it was going to be more pessimistic, more loosing eachother and not being ab;e top reach out to what someone really wants.

Sucess of Action plan!

Our first week was quite successful we arranged everything that needed to be arranged and made sure that all preparations were made so that our video would be final and finished. All of our footage was shot and it was already to be uploaded and begin to be put together, this was very successful as we knew what effect we wanted to achieve. the progress is being updated as i go along so that all the hiccups in which we may come across is documented and also all the arrangements and successes within our project are documented so that everything is updated and kept on track. All the preparations for our final cut is ready, we have put it all together and are very pleased with it, as we now know that we can begin to finalise the project to make it look professional and successful.

Week 2
for our second week we asked for many peoples advice on our final cut to see what feedback and advice they had for us, many people agreed that it was really good and that we had done a great job, but also a few people commented on how a few places were out of time, and needed to be corrected and also a few people said that maybe we should cut up our shots a little more as they was quite long, and made the video seem a little boring, not very interesting and would may not get a lot of viewers, luckily as we began to put it all together we realized that no re shooting need to be organised as all the shots in which we need were already at hand and just the final adaptations had to be made to finish our video. With the advice we had been given we decided to take it on board and begin to cut up our shots to make the transitions from each shot work better, and also corrected the timing so that our video looked as professional as possible. We decided not to really use to many effects on our music video as we did not want it to look tacky and out of place and we also didn't want to make it look rushed or get to carried away with the effects so we decide to keep it simple, as after all we wanted to make sure that the video seemed like a new bands first video and not as if they have tried as hard as they possible can to get as many viewers as possible.

Week 3

Unfortunately on week 3 when our video had to be finished and needed to be handed in we hit a low, as we were trying to get onto our video to make some final preparations for our deadline we could not access our video, as a password needed to be entered and we did not now the oassword so we could not make the changes we needed to make on our film before our deadline so unfortunately we had to accept what we had, and make an effort with our blogs and digipacks.
We are happy with what we have, and there is no more we can do, we have taken on board peoples advice and have uploaded our progress, so that all our changes have been documneted.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Action Plan Week 1!

All footage is being shot this week, and all preparations are being made, we are arranging to make sure that as soon as the footage is shot we begin to put it together as we do not want to have a limited time in which we have to finsih as we do not want the film to be rushed we want it to be professional, and finalized the way in which we want it to.