Monday, 30 November 2009


Composition And Layout!

For My cd cover i want to use a collage of different images in square tiles like this one of blur, mine will consist of different emotional images, with the middle tiles displaying the name of the band.

Conventions consists of composition and layout, the way in which a cd cover is put together and the different ideas in which people have to make it work.

Criteria such as, images, use of text, xolor and picture information, i am going to look at a few cd covers, relating to the same genre of music that i am using for my music video and am going to analyse the different conventions of each.

I like the idea of using bright colors like this within my cd cover to invite people in, to make the cd cover noticeable, i want to use this similar effect, i have researched into a few different cd covers but there are not many that display the same effect, i am going to create the same effect as the cd cover that i displayed earlier of Blur but the background would consist of different colors and also the way in which the Bands name is presented.

I also looked at the cd cover for the band who's song we are using, as their cover was also similar to the effect in which i wanted to use but only the way in which the letters have been set out.

The way in which Mystery Jets displayed their name within their cd cover, represents how i wish to diaply mine, i have an idea of using varied emotions within tiled space across my cd cover but using blocked out tiles to display the bands name, and using their hands to display the albumn name, it is a new idea of mine and by reseearching into it, it seems that it has not been done before only slightly the same effect by the group Blur.

The composition and layout will be very important it is a big step and must be done correctly to maintain a professional effect. Everything must be created in a specific order, making sure all detail is correct and everything is in place, i want it to look very professional and also very independant, but at the same time very different, my layout will consist of bright colors, and varied emotions, helping the audience get to know what the band is like beofre even listening to their music.

Different Formats of Cd Covers!

There are a few different formats of cd covers such as ones that are animated, they may consists of photos that have been animated to look like cartoons or characters that have been drawn, but they may also consists of drawings, computerised images and different animtaed font, these effects make the cd cover look professional and detailed and i think they seem more visible to the public more eye catching as they look different from the rest and are not everyday cd covers that are often seen. a difference in the process of creating a cd cover can change how people see the artists especially if they are new to the business, their cover will give the public a sense of what the artists are really like.

Another way to attract the public to the cd cover, is different types of shots within the cover, close ups are especially effective as they bring the audience in, making the cover more personal and emotional, giving a sense of understanding to the public. Cheryl Coles cd cover here is displayed as if she is looking directly at you trying to emoti9onally and physically connect wit the audience, inviting them in through the picture, to try to make the public buy the cd and listen to her music.

The Format of this cd cover is very personal, an every day situation is involved within this cover, it may not look as if a lot of effeort has been put into this, but it would of taken many shots to create the perfect image, i think this cd cover would relate to a lot of people as it is quite confusing it doesn't seem to have an exact meaning or an exact reference to what he is doing or what he is trying to do to connect to the public, he seems to be relaxed, content in a world of his own, i think this cd cover relates as it isn't specific it just shows a normal situation one that many can see therselves in just living a very normal everyday routine. this shot also uses quite a bit of background just enough to show you where he is, and the meaning of this cover, in a school not paying attention, with the corridor behind, different formats of cd covers can appeal to different members of the public. but conveying the right message can be difficult if you are specifically aiming at one audience whereas jaso mras here seems not to be picky, he may use a teenage experience within his cover, but his music is mature and detailed.

He makes quite a big difference within this cd cover, there is hardly any detail, it is very plain and simple but at the same time quite eyecatching, i think this cd cover would make the public want to look further as altough it is very dull, i think people will find it intriguing to find out what his music is really like and why would someone make a cd cover like this.
There are many varied types of format relating to cd covers, and different artists choose different formats, it depends on how they wat to address the public and what they wish to achieve out of their cover.


We have been given the task to create a digipack for our music production, we have the choice either to create a cd cover a magazine advert or a website page, before i start any of this i am going to begin research relating to this.
i am going to reserch formats, conventions, the normalities for my genre, and different other aspects.
i have chosen to create a magazine advert for my artist and also a cd cover.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Music Video Promotion!

HIP video promotion has become the country's leader in music video promotion, it has become more huge than it has ever been, to make a single successful it must be accompanied by a great music video that will cause a lot of interest, music videos have become a huge part of any marketing plan. After all the effeort and money that is spent whilst trying to make a great music video, the main thing that is important is making it appealing it to the public, trying to intrige them into watching the music video. HIP has helped dozens of independent labels, bands, and artists secure the exposure they want and deserve.HIP have helped out with the major points of creating a music video, leaving others to attent to the bigger picture of the marketing campaign. and assures you the video will be presented in a professional way and arrive to all the appropriate destinations in a timely fashion.

An Article on Music Videos!

One of my teachers came across this article which i found quite interesting.

The Semiotics of Music Videos: It Must Be Written in the Stars
Author: Heidi Peeters
Published: May 2004

Abstract (E): This article builds a semiotic framework for the understanding of popular music videos, arguing that the key to such understanding is the figure of the star. Far from being chaotic visualizations of a song, music videos turn out to be tight constructions, featuring the star as narrator, character and ultimately as the central instigator of a universe that is utopian in nature and poetic in structure.
Abstract (F): Cet article propose une analyse sémiotique des clips musicaux à partir de la figure de la star. Loin dêtre la visualisation chaotique dune chanson, les clips obéissent à des règles bien strictes qui tendent sans exception à mettre en valeur la vedette musicale : la star est à la fois narrateur/narratrice, personnage et, en dernière instance, intermédiaire entre le public et un univers à la fois utopique et poétique.
Keywords: Music videos, semiotics, pop stars, image, utopia

i agree with this as i believe the star within the music video is pictured as describing a story, telling us of their experience and involving us within their music, i also agree with the fact that music videos become tight constructions as they have to, they have to be as presentable as possible as they need to look professional, as if they have been put together with no struggle, as if just like a book easily telling a story with no complications.

Target Audience!

As we are using many different effect within are music video, such as the hand held camera, it is going to appeal to a lot of epople as it is going to connect with them involviong them within the video as it is going to feel as if they are actually within the video due to our choice of camera effects and shot types, but our main aim is to appeal to peeople who are dealing with similar situations such as what we are expressing within our video, young adults, leading up to mature adults, the term young love can be expressed in many different ways, it can trigger memories for those of an older audience who remember their younger days when they were in situations like this, going through young love with the realistic viewings in which we will be including, and it will also be aimed at those who are going through the situation at the moment and can relate to what message we are trying to get across. Our target audience can be varied, it can appeal to a wide range of people but is mainly aimed to those who can relate and become involved within the video, we are aiming to other a sense of help and guidance to those who are in similar situations.

Our Pitch

During one of our lessons we had to present a pitch to the rest of the class explaining what we was going to involve in our video in full detail, infomring of what we wish to include, how we aim to do it, and answer any questions that the rest of the class left, it was also an opportunitie for us to collect peoples feedback, take their ideas on board to help us improve our research and develop our film further. Our pitch helped us gain information about what else could be done and how we could improve, we included our ideas on casting, costume lighting and also location. We presented a short clip of the song that we are using to see how people would react to the song without viewing a video. We also spoke about our target audience and how we aim to reach out to within the creation of our music video.

Video Reference!

This is a reference of just how effective a hand held camera can be, it makes you feel almost as if you are on the other end of the screen involved with what is actually happening it is a very extreme effect and i think would work amazingly to get viewers more involved with the video. it will be an easy relation and much more detailed and corrospondent.


Our inspiration towards our music video cam from the film FACTORY GIRL

Within the film their is a variety of shots between a handheld camera and a steady camera. The handheld camera gives and effect as if what is happening behind this camera is like a diary someone telling their life story between themself and a lens, it is also like a sense of memory creates flashbacks of someones life helping us to become more involved within the film and feel more emotion which is what we aime to achieve with our music video bringing people in and relating to them in a detailed way.

We have decided that within our video to gain this effect of emotion and involvement we are also going to use handheld and steady cameras, a way of sommunication and understanding of real life situations and realities.

we want to use the handheld camera to represents someones memory using the grainy texture also using the narrative to run through it whilst this is happening.

We also want to include shots where only part of the character is in the shot.

for example using close up shots just including the persons face and not all of their head to show clearer emotion creating the shot to be more personal and communicative as if the camera is the viewers eyes.

'Factory Girl' has its own independent filming techniques. It uses both handheld techniques for the grainy 'old' effects as if it's a memory (in our video the memory/thought could be the boys who are in love with the girl) and the steady hand camera for the narrative or the present.

Mood Board

This is our mood board in which we created at the begginning of our Project, whilst creating this mood board we discovered many different ideas in which we could use when we cam across the idea for factory girl, using hand held cameras in some shots, and also maybe the theme of an old fashioned sense of style we discussed what different aspects we could use and decided to use the film factory girl as a reference to see wwhat different ideas we could come up with and how they could help uis develop our movie.


We had an idea for costumes to relate with lighting. We had an idea to have the three boys within the band wearing different coloured checked shirts, one blue and black one green and black and one red and black, we thought this would work wel,l as we could also use the same coloured lights within the studio shots to light the room, we want our video to relate well to the indie genre and i got this idea from the video for dirty little secret by All American Rejects, as in their studio shots they are all dressed in dark clothing and the lighting is also very dark and very carefully detailed to maintain the correct light to still make the video visible. so the idea to use lights to match the way in which my cast is dressed i thought would be quite an impressive idea as it would show Good light and a varied choice of layout.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Our Storyline!

our video is based on young love because of the song title, but our whole idea is to create a mutual feeling between two people, within the video we are going to show them both in doubt because of never being able to catch one another, always missing each other at each opportunity. We are also going to include the idea of them both feeling as if the other doesn't care but only viewers can see that both characters feel exactly the same.

We have chose this idea as it is unique and individual, and holds certain aspects of everyday life and how many relationships are based on this factor to scared to tell one another how they feel, not brave enough to tell the truth and let it out.

We are aiming to connect to viewers and show how there are many people who can relate to their problems we also want it to give a sense of hope.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Young Love

The song we have chosen to use is 'Young Love' by Mystery Jets.

Lyrics to Young Love :(feat. Laura Marling)If i only knew your name
i'd go from door to door searching
all the crowded streets for the face
that i once sawif i only knew your name
i'd go from door to doortell me have you seen
the girl i met just once before?one night of love,
nothing more nothing lessone night of love,
to put my head in a messis that you on the bus?
is that you on the train?you wrote your number
on my hand but it came off in the night
of love,nothing more nothing lessone night of love,
has left my bed in a messis that you on the bus?
is that you on the train?
you wrote your number on my hand
but it came off in the rain.if i only knew your name
i'd go from door to doorsearching all the crowded
streets for the face that i once sawif i only knew your name
i'd go from door to doortell em have you seen the girl i met
just once beforewhoooaa.young love never seems to leftfar
too young until they have a past playing games,people move
so fast you don't need eyes to see if someones got a heart
of glassyoung love never seems to lastfar too young until
they have a pastone night of love, nothing more nothing
lessone night of lovethat left my heart in a messif i only
knew your name i'd go from door to doorsearching all the
crowded streets for the face that i once sawif i only knew
your name i'd go from door to doortell me have you seen
the boy i met just once before?whooaa


We are currently doing our animatics in our lesson combining both our stroyboards and music together to make accurate demonstrations of how our music will go with each shot and how long each shot will last. I think we have found whilst doing our anamatic that we misjudged the length of the song and havn't got enough shots to fit our song with the anamatic.We have added some more shots in to continue and strengthen the storyboard narrative.I also found that it takes more work than you think with the anamatic as it shows how accurate the shots to the music have to be to flow and be precise.

Another Music Video Reference!

i Looked into a few videos with the same sort of layout as we intend to do such as Cheryl Cole's New number one single fight for this love, but it didnt really connect with our genre or the storyline in which we want to create within our music video, so i looked at Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects i chose to look at this song because of the type of music as it is also fast upbeat and quite a lively song. it is an uplifting song just like young love by the mystery jets in which we have chosen. The Song Dirty little secret i also cannot upload the video for it at the moment but it will be on here shortly when it can be uploaded. The group consists of four boys just like our band but losing one boy and adding one girl, they also consist of the same style, the long quite indie looking hairstyle with Tight clothing loud t-shirts, the typical stereotype for my band.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Relaton to Other Videos

i looked into the video Fascination by AlphaBeat not because of the genre but because of the way in which the video is shot, using a white background with various coloured costumes, also responding to the same situations in the video for the song in which we are using for our music video.Fascnation consists of a larger band than that of which we have created but the video is vry simialar of that iin which we want to do, where they have used a white background we have chosen that in a few shots we are going to use a black background with various colored lights respondng to the shirts in which they are going to where.

The video fascination is quite a fast upbeat song, but the whole meaning of the song is connected to the story of our video, showing how someone can be obsessed or fanatical about something and how their whole world is surrounded by them. the song gave us many ideas for our video.

Their Record Label

The band are now signed to Domino Records Who Are Planning to make the band as big as The Artic Monkeys. They are From Devon, Plymouth and have been frends for a very long time.