Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Research and Planning!

through out this project i have kept up to date with all the research and planning making sure that all my groups decisions and problems were updated on the blog so that i could refer back to them to see any further improvements that we could make, by keeping up with my research and planning i have been able to contribute more input to the video making it as successful as possible, all my group have done really good work on research and planning as we wanted our video to be great, we have looked at target audience how to promote our bands, looking at other videos to see what techniques we could use we have gone inside and out of every way we can to improve our video and make it the best we can , we want it to be successful and include everything it needs to achieve that, we all feel that our research and planning has been excellent and feel that there is not many things in which we could have missed. this was definitely one of our strongest points, in making our video professional.

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